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Underwater Construction


Inspections& Recommendations

Steel Cutting Welding Fabrication


Sewage Treatment Plants



Pump Repairs



Manhole Diving

Underwater Concrete Repair and Demolition


Irrigation Ponds

Prop and Hull Cleaning


Pipeline Services

Sea wall and Docks


Underwater Photography

Boat/ Barge Salvage Recovery and Repair


Police & Fire Departments

We are Certified Court Approved Underwater Investigators.

Body / Evidence / Firearm Search & Recovery

Aerator Systems
Community Involvment
Northern Divers USA has been commited in the preservation of the aquatic enviroment through the creation of artificial reefs. Northern Divers USA has been a major contributor in the artificial reef project, The Mackinac Project. Click on the link to learn more about the Mackinac project.

Contact Information

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